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Bush Judicial Nominees Bring Close Corporate Ties to the Bench

President George W. Bush’s nominees to some of the most influential positions on the federal bench during his first term are notable for their close ties to corporate interests, especially the energy and mining industries, according to a new investigation by the Center for Investigative Reporting. Many of the nominees have been appointed to judgeships holding central jurisdiction over litigation affecting these industries.

Courting Influence's database of judges and nominees from 2001 to the present, covering Circuit and Federal Claims courts. Includes biographical data from nominees' Senate questionnaires, and downloadable financial disclosure statements.
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John G. Roberts, Jr.

Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts’ 2003 financial disclosure statement and Senate confirmation questionnaire.

Here Come the Judges, Again

The Senate, and increasingly the nation, are poised for a showdown in the coming days over President...

Big Biz Battles for Bush's Bench

Last year the Senate rejected former mining and cattle lobbyist William Myers for the Court of Appeals. Now Bush is trying again --

Roberts as Chief Justice: Not Just One Vote out of Nine
Legal Times | Sep 12, 2005

A guide to the Roberts hearings
Christian Science Monitor | Sep 12, 2005

More Pressure Put on Bush on Timing, Choice of O'Connor Replacement
Associated Press | Sep 09, 2005

Senate Democrats Pushing for Roberts's Legal Memos
New York Times | Sep 08, 2005

Gonzales Is Mentioned in Supreme Court Remarks
New York Times | Sep 07, 2005

Roberts Confirmation Hearings to Begin on Monday
Associated Press | Sep 06, 2005

Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies at 80
Legal Times | Sep 05, 2005

A Look at the Possible Nominees
New York Times | Sep 05, 2005

Complications for Both Sides in the Battle for the Court
New York Times | Sep 05, 2005

Mouths Wide Shut: Presidential Nominees Let Their Records Speak for Themselves
Washington Post | Sep 02, 2005

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